APRIL, 2016
The Essentials Behind MIGRAINES

by: Jesse A. Stoff, MD, MDH, FAAFP

Migraines are a form of debilitating headaches that often begins as an aura. An aura is an early warning that something bad is going on- and the aura is different for different people. So some people have an aura where they'll smell something weird. They'll be in their car, in their home and start smelling cigarette smoke, and they don't smoke and nobody around them smokes. Or they may see some flashing lights or they may get a strange numbness feeling someplace. But there's some sort of neurological symptom that occurs prior to the onset of the migraine, and that's an early warning. And if they get that and they know from past experience that a migraine's about to hit them, they should do some things to try to prevent that migraine if they can.

When I used to work in the emergency room, one of the best treatments for people with vice-like migraines (the kind where a person was light-sensitive and sound-sensitive and they couldn't move because every little movement would cause excruciating pain) was to put them in a dark room and you put them on pure oxygen. You give them five or seven liters a minute of oxygen and you'd just flood their system with oxygen. Because the oxygen level of the blood becomes so high, it actually causes a bit of a reactive constriction-- because they're not exercising, their body isn't really using all that oxygen, so the blood vessels will constrict a little bit. And in doing so, it will help break the vascular cycle that they get into that triggers the migraine to begin with.

There are drugs, of course, that could be helpful. There's over-the-counter things that are helpful too such as caffeine. Caffeine is often helpful in the very early stages of a migraine for the same reason, in that it breaks the vascular cycle that's going on, that is part of what's causing the migraine. But there are supplements that can be helpful too, such as magnesium. Magnesium can be very helpful for people with migraines, both as a preventive and a treatment. Now, one of the most common triggers for a migraine (and there are many) are structural, such as an old injury to the neck and putting pressure on nerves can actually trigger a cluster headache or a migraine.

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Basics of Health: Are you Alkaline or Acidic?

by: Marie Dill, INHC, RYT 200

The most important thing to know is that illness is cause by acid. Acid and alkaline balance is important to your health. Once you master this in your diet, you will thrive. You will be surprised by all the diseases and ailments that are caused by acidity in the diet and then in the body. Acidity causes disturbance in your enzymes, de-mineralization and seriously harmful acid activity. If you are too acidic you may suffer from the following; low energy, depression, nervousness and agitation, low stress threshold, conjunctivitis, arthritis and more. Understanding the balance is the key. The pH scale goes from 0 to 14 The numbers below 7 are acidic (low on oxygen) The numbers above 7 are alkaline. 60-80% of the diet should be alkaline and 20-40% should be acidic for an optimum result...

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"Power of a Woman Pool Triathlon" by EVENTPOWER RACES
April 16, 2016 at The Nassau Aquatic Center, East Meadow, NY. Swim: 400 meters, Bike: 6 miles, Run: 2 miles. Produced by: Vicki Ventura and Chris Pfund. This is a perfect beginner race that includes a pool swim with 50 meter lanes. It is early in the season and a great way to get involved in the sport as well as a good warm up race for veterans. The 3rd Annual Power of A Woman Triathlon included a 400 meter swim, 6 mile bike and 2 mile run. It was a great way to start the season for all levels of triathletes!

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Cryotherapy is the wellness community's latest trend in pain relief, muscle restoration and energy enhancement. Borne from the concept of post-workout ice-baths and Polar Bear runs to winter-freezing beaches, this centuries-old theory of physical rejuvenation has been refined by a European company called Juka with their latest state-of-the-art Cryotherapy Sauna made accessible in Commack Long Island (phcryo.com).
Healthy Eating to BURN CALORIES
by: John Graziano, Rejuvenate! Fitness Columnist
Edited by: Leona Del Fuego

I do a lot of different things. People ask me all the time, "Should I go to the gym? Should I run? Should I do this, that...what should I do? What's the secret to staying somewhat healthy?" I've gotta tell you, knowing everyone is different, in my opinion, the biggest component that is the same for everyone, and the biggest secret is simply eating healthy. In my experience, nutrition is #1... more important than your training!

The reason why I'm a Beachbody coach is because I lost weight very quickly and I did it in a way that was very healthy to me. I needed to lose weight! I had high triglycerides, high cholesterol, high 'everything bad', and low 'everything good'. I needed to make changes, right? I had to try to figure out, "what do I do to make these changes?" So, I started with the exercise program P90X and I had results. But, I realized that TIME is very limited to be able to do those workouts. In doing workouts and training, you have to be very focused with it to target weight loss. Doing cardio is a must to increase and elevate your heart rate and burn calories.

There's a saying; 'calories in-calories out' that everybody thinks is the easiest way to calculate how to lose weight. I used to think that simple, until I found that even with that formula, you plateau after a while. It lacks understanding that there's no benefit of eating 1,000 calories of pure carbs if I think I burn 1,200 'empty' calories! I learned quickly that even when I was injured (or when I wasn't capable of working out), I was still losing weight because I was eating properly. You can workout to build muscle, which helps burn fat, and still not be in great shape because you're eating the wrong components.

I found that whenever you focus on your eating habits you could sit on the couch and be sedentary and eat properly and still create a good balance of calorie burn. It even comes down to when you eat! Eating smaller meals, more frequently elevates calorie burn. Eating carbs in the morning and protein at night minimizes glycogen storage. Basically, the more you learn how to eat properly, the more you learn how to become more efficient at calorie burning. Thus, losing weight, and getting healthier.

Get the scoop on John Graziano's Health Secrets- from P90X to his 6-meal eating schedule to the the Beach Body regimen. Johnny's Review: SHAKEOLOGY- A modern platform for the new YOU!

4 Powerful Dieting Myths that Keep You Feeling Fat & Frustrated by: Jenn Edden, Co-Editor

Do you ever find yourself having “fat days” and then feeling frustrated for weeks on end. Are there days you feel hopeful about the new diet you just started (again) but secretly hope it won’t take that long to lose the weight because you can’t stand feeling so deprived. I ask these 2 questions today because after over a decade of helping other women get past their “fat and frustrated” days I too still have those moments where I revert back to my old dieting mentality and think “Jenn, I can’t believe you ate that last night! Now look at yourself... You’ve ruined all your hard work again!”. We all do it from time to time- some more often than others.

Myth 1: If I just deprive myself one more week I will reach my goal weight.
Myth 2: I have to eat plain, bland, tasteless food to lose weight
Myth 3: I will just do MORE cardio to burn those extra calories off
Myth 4: If I skip meals and eat more salad I will lose weight

MUSCLE STRAINS CAN CAUSE PERMANENT PHYSICAL DAMAGE: By: Dr. Andrew J. Rochman (modernpainrelief.com)

So you join a gym and the first thing they try to sell you on is a trainer. If SAFETY is of no concern to you, perhaps understanding the many ways that working out without any prior knowledge can do so much serious damage. Let's start with MUSCLE PAIN - something that is very easy to overlook. Since it’s usually a mild dull pain and does not hinder daily activities unless at an extreme stage, people tend to wait too long before consulting a physician. There may be two kinds of a muscle injury. You many have a sprain (which is the stretching or tearing of the muscle and the tendon) or a strain which is the stretching or tearing of the ligament. (go to full article)


One of the greatest healthcare issues being faced by the whole world is obesity. A huge population of the world is now becoming obese or overweight. There are various remedies that have been presented in order to overcome this challenge. But it is not always possible for one to give up their favorite foods like chocolates and cakes in order to become healthy. Well, there is good news for chocolate lovers and those who love cacao. Because according to research, cacao can help you reduce your weight when consumed in proper amounts. (MORE)


1. TURMERIC is known to be effective in reducing pain. In fact studies showed that it was more effective in pain and inflammation reduction when compared to steroid medications. This is due to the protein NF-kB in turmeric which helps the body combat pain more effectively.

2. RED GRAPES have been proven to be 10 times more effective in reducing back pain than aspirin. This is because they contain an antioxidant named Resveratrol which blocks tissue degenerating enzymes. Red grapes are most effective for reducing back pain.

3. GINGER is effective in the reduction of prostaglandin levels which are responsible for causing pain. A daily dose of 500mg of ginger can reduce pain effectively.

4. SOY: The soy protein contains isoflavones which is a pant hormone. The hormone is known to reduce inflammation and pain especially those associated with arthritis.

5. SALMON: If you’ve been feeling pain in your neck, then salmon should be your food of choice. Chock full of Omega 3 fatty acids; this amenity from the ocean can reduce pain by 60%.

6. CHERRIES: Other than ginger and turmeric, Cherries are also known for their pain relieving properties. Filled with high levels of anthocyanins, cherries can reduce joint pains and symptoms of arthritis.

7. COFFEE lovers can be at ease now. Being a natural pain reliever, caffeine can often be found within pain medications. Coffee is known to reduce post workout pain. 2 cups of coffee can reduce pain by 50%.

8. SAGE: The go-to herb for the alleviation of ailments such as a sore through, ulcers, tonsils and gum disease, Sage also boasts pain reliving properties.
The rosmarinic acid within the herb soothes inflame muscles and reduces pain. The best way to have sage is by sprinkling it on food as a seasoning or adding it to an herbal tea.

9. WALNUTS are a sure fire way of reducing pain. Filled with Omega 3 fatty acids, they reduce inflammation and help reduce pain.

10. CELERY: Containing more than 20 anti inflammatory compounds, celery is highly effective at reducing the symptoms of pain. The main compound named apigenin helps the body combat pain more effectively. Celery intake can be increased by adding its seeds to soup and may even be used as an alternative to salt.